Monday, March 10, 2014


Two dozen.

Solid even number. (I don't like odd numbers...)

Almost a quarter.

24 hours in a day.

Weird TV show called 24 that people become obsessed with.

24 hour fitness.

Some weird law in Denmark about marriage at the age of 24.

4X6 = 24

Macey's is open 24 hours a day (thank goodness).

I can't say much more about the number 24. I've never been a math major.

However there is something about 24... hmmm... oh yes. I'm 24 now.

So what did I do for my birthday?

I went to school and then to work. After work I was ready to just relax, maybe watch a movie or something. I don't get off work until after 9:30 at night so I didn't have much time before bed. My fiancé and I went over to his apartment and as we were pulling into the car park I saw something that piqued my curiosity. I saw someone who looked incredibly like my sister and who had my sister's guilty look. Then I noticed another of our friends pulling up on her mo-ped...

So I walked up the stairs and came into a surprise party! We even got my parents on FaceTime for it. They are serving a mission in Kenya currently but I was able to talk to them for my party. It was so fun!

So I guess I'm old now.

The reason why I'm old is because my very first day as a 24 year old I had the most epic fall down the stairs ever. It was hilarious but also sad because no one saw me knock myself out. That was the one drawback. :)

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