Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Yes, my past few weeks have been quite interesting.

The first exciting thing that happened was that I found a precious golden treasure at Macey's the other day when I finally went out grocery shopping (literally for the first time in weeks).

What treasure did I stumble across?

None other than the most amazing British Custard brand there is!!! Bird's!!! It is brilliant! Pure, undefiled brilliance. Absolutely lush.

The only issue was the price... As a starving uni student I used every ounce of willpower I posses and did not purchase the treasure.

We shall see how long my endurance can last....

Another exciting thing that happened in the past few weeks was that my fiancé and I went to a great place called 'Extreme Trampoline'. It was incredibly fun!

First we went off the trapeze into the foam pits. Then we did rock climbing, tumbling, trampolines, and all kinds of other fun things. We even did a little bit of jujitsu. 

Finally, I was sitting in B150 of the JFSB (every class I am in this semester is in that room) and I drew something that reflected how I sometimes feel when I sit in that room for too long. 

It is a very good thing I like my classes this semester. 

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