Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Today is a sad day. It usually is though on Tuesdays for me. Not every Tuesday, but about every other one. The reason is that I teach at the Missionary Training Center and English speaking missionaries only stay about 12 days. This means that every other Tuesday or so I have to realize that I'll possibly never see those Elders and Sisters ever again.

Last night I had to say goodbye to a district of six elders who are going to serve in Kansas and Colorado. Today is a momentous day for their lives, an exciting day. They get to meet their trainers, go to their first area, and possibly even have their first real lesson. They begin today to experience helping others grow closer to their Savior. They get to go out and do what they have been looking forward to for so long. I am happy for them- even excited! But still I miss them when they leave.

A new district comes in tomorrow. I will love them too. They will teach me and help me to draw nearer to Christ and I strive to help them understand the fundamentals of what it means to serve others out of pure Christlike love.

Yet in only two short weeks they too will leave. They leave to go and serve. The only things from me that go with them are what little they learn, and the prayers I pray for them and those they teach. I know they do not go alone.

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